TCMT Rear Air Ride Suspension, What you want to know...


Basic parameters are as follows.

About Air Tank:
The two nut sizes of the Air Tank are 1/8RC and 1/4RC respectively. The pressure of the Air Tank cannot exceed 8KG.

About the rear shock:

  • The mounting bore is 13mm
  • Shock absorber center hole distance:
  • The minimum is 255mm
  • The maximum length is 365mm
  • Joint air nozzle is inch 1/8 air pipe
  • Silk teeth for the national standard 1/8,
  • The maximum load is 240 kg
  • The air pressure is 0.6mpa
  • Please inflate to complete use

About wiring:
At present, we do not provide wiring harnesses for pneumatic shock absorption.
You need to link it yourself based on features and requirements
1. When the model with the air tank is installed, the negative electrode of the air pump
Controlled by pressure valve.
2. When installing models without air tank, press our
Graphic connection.

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